Fellow NE SIOR Chapter Members,

I want to thank the 35% of you for your responses to our attempt at understanding what SIORs want out their NE Chapter membership.  Many responses were very thoughtful, all were helpful. 

The net net is while SIOR, in general, and the NE Chapter, specifically, has its challenges, SIOR members are pleased with their membership, and specifically like the networking (local and national) and the Events: specifically, the Breakfasts/Zooms for education and networking.  Several wanted more use of social media, exposure for the Newsletter and the highlighting of SIOR deals, which is underway. 


If we keep a steady lineup of relevant Events, we will satisfy 75% of respondents wish list.  CEU credits were mentioned by several.  This is an area that will be looked at more closely with the help of Rob Nahigian.  It is not an SIOR issue as much as a MA Licensing issue. 


Several mentioned the demise of the SIOR brand and “clubs” in general.  While I agree that “time is limited” and the rise of National firms is offering the network many require, from the responses, it does not seem that this is evidence of a permanent demise, more an erosion of a selling point.  Your responses show that everyone has a different take on why they continue to be members.  Retention is possible because membership continues to offer each of us something and that is often different for each of us.  And it has evolved for each of us over time.  The hard part now is articulating these benefits to the next wave of SIORs. 


When most of us joined, the national firms were not prevalent.  The top brokers were mostly SIORs and joining was something your boss or mentor “highly” encouraged.  That is still true but now in the non-affiliated shops or the networks with many SIORS (i.e. Colliers).  Today we need to be looking for brokers beyond our own offices and increase the list of young brokers for our events.  If we continue to provide good programming, we should be able to attract the next wave. 


Camaraderie was a common theme.  A couple different non-SIORs commented at the Scholarship Event on the “collegiality” of our group, and how unique that was in our industry.  While we are not for everyone, we are something different to everyone-and that is what we should embrace. 

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