SIOR is a professional commercial brokerage credential held by approximately 2,600 office and industrial real estate brokers. This commercial real estate brokerage professional designation distinguishes you from the general brokerage community–leading to more business; assists you in conducting your business practices and transactions at the highest level of professionalism; provides you with a Code of Ethics that clients highly value; and enables you to constantly improve your skills. Several other reasons also are apparent for why a commercial real estate broker should want to earn the SIOR designation. These reasons include:


SIOR allows you to more effectively network within your own firm’s network. You earn recognition within your firm as the elite office or industrial broker and a “go-to” person. With many brokers to choose from within a company, it is often reassuring to a referring broker when an SIOR broker can be used. The referring broker has a high degree of confidence that a valued client will be properly serviced with the highest level of professionalism, whether the assignment is large or small. A request to use an SIOR broker is adequate to assure that business will not be handled by a junior, less-experienced broker.


Although your firm may cover a multitude of markets, often a client may have a requirement in areas with no coverage. It is important to have an SIOR relationship in secondary markets. In this manner, representation can be made by you to the client that they will be serviced by an experienced SIOR broker who maintains the highest quality standards of the profession.


Members state that they have been selected over competing brokerage firms on major assignments and that the SIOR designation has been the deciding factor.


Many SIOR commercial brokers have commented that transactions have occurred solely because of their SIOR networking efforts. The designation has amply paid for the time and money invested in the SIOR organization over the years. In other words, the SIOR designation constantly delivers a return on each broker’s financial investment. These office and industrial transactions occur not only because of networking at the national level, but because of strong relationships with competing SIOR brokers at the local chapter level.


SIOR is an individual professional credential, not a company credential.


Corporate America also recognizes the SIOR certification as the highest level of commercial brokerage nationally.


Finally, and perhaps most important, when you attend SIOR conventions or Chapter meetings, SIOR’s find themselves in an elite social environment with their clients and/or prospective clients. National investment and development firms such as Panattoni Development, Rockefeller Development, ProLogis, and many others are regulars at the SIOR conferences. This prestigious venue has benefited SIOR’s in generating new business. The SIOR may be awarded new building listings, corporate tenant representations, challenging consulting opportunities and prospects for new client relationships from contacts made during these meetings!

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