SIOR NE Summer Newsletter

It is my pleasure to present the premier addition of SIOR NE News (attached). Going forward SIOR NE News will be sent directly to you on a quarterly basis. Each addition will cover topics such as market news, trends, transaction, and of course SIOR events. We will also post each addition of SIOR NE News @

Big thank you to Rob Nahigian and Loreen Liberty for the roll they played in producing this maiden addition and for offering to help with future additions. We are actively seeking ideas for the next one so please feel free contact us with ideas/feedback.

SIOR NE Summer 2017 Newsletter

Hope you enjoy.

Timothy Brodigan, SIOR

Senior Vice President

Direct +1 617 330 8037 | Mobile +1 617 921 5163 Main +1 617 330 8000

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