The New England SIOR Chapter held a June event at Trillium Brewing on Thompson Place in the Seaport on June 6, 2019. The event started at 5:30 pm and ran to 8 pm with approximately 25 SIOR Chapter members and guests attending the event. Trillium Brewing had a private area for the chapter that included many choices of its own craft beers and appetizers. Ted Geary, John Harrison and Patrick Coughlin of FirstLight sponsored the event. They spoke about the virtues of their services with SIOR members and guests.

FirstLight is a fiberoptic company and fiber platform that offers telecom and technology for tenants and landlords. They compete with Verizon, CrownCastle and Comcast. FirstLight spoke with the attendees on how they can be a value-add for brokers as an alternative telecom company. They design, organize data, phone back-up, cloud base service, etc. They own 12 data centers and are located in Boston, Cambridge, Billerica, Maine, regional New England and upstate NY. SIOR can advise clients on the option of using FirstLight. Ted indicated that FirstLight network is robust, desirable, customized and has a large bandwidth. The service is available 24/7. They started in 1999 as Tech Valley Communications, an Albany, NY corporation. They were purchased by a private equity firm Antein Infrastructures Partner.

The chapter would like to thank Loreen Swain for coordinating the event and FirstLight for sponsoring.

Please see the Photo Gallery for more photos of this event.

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