It was announced that the New England Chapter is hosting the Fall 2020 World Conference in Boston. The Chapter has signed the “Host Chapter Letter of Agreement” with SIOR National. With this “honor” will come certain Chapter responsibilities which means a need for participation from the Chapter members. A few examples include a) forming a Core/Host Committee of 4-5 for the conference, b) the Chapter is solely responsible for the host gift and will need a sponsor c) the Chapter will host the Welcome Desk at the SIOR Registration table and d) Participation on the “Breakout Session” subcommittee. All of this, among other duties, will need participation and support. Mike Giuttari is informing the Chapter members of the need for their participation. The Chapter needs to be, and wants to be, relevant within New England commercial real estate and the business community. Anyone that wants to volunteer should reach out to Mike Giuttari or Loreen Liberty.

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