The New England Chapter is holding the Oct. 21-24, 2020 Fall National SIOR convention. With the CV19 closing the Spring Convention, you can bet that SIORs will be clamoring to come to the Boston conference. Many of the chapter members have volunteered to help with event planning and to host the Chapter table. Each chapter is responsible as a host convention to host a table and present attendees with a Chapter gift. On February 13, 2020, the Chapter volunteers met at the offices of Vantage in Waltham for planning discussions. The volunteers have created the SIOR NE 2020 Boston FWC Team.

The Chapter members volunteering for the convention include:

Jim Boudrot Tim Brodigan

Arlon Brown Bob Cleary

John Connor Tom Farrelly

Jeremy Freid Mike Giancola

David Gilkie Mike Giuttari

Garry Holmes Katherine Kane

Greg Klemmer Justin Lamontagne

Loreen Liberty Don Mancini

Rob Nahigian George Paskalis

Chris Paszyc Chuck Reilly

Drew Sigfridson Austin Smith

The volunteers have a number of different roles that they will play including: Events, Gift/Sponsors, Breakout/Education and Core/Host responsibilities. The Chapter Convention team met February 13, 2020 in Waltham, MA at Vantage’s offices. Attending included: David Gilkie, John Connor, Chuck Reilly, Mike Giancola, Mike Giuttari, Rob Nahigian, and Greg Klemmer. Also attending on conference call was Tim Brodigan, Garry Holmes, George Paskalis and Jeremy Fried.

1. The meeting commenced on the discussion of the Chapter gift. A number of ideas were bounced around including a backpack from LL Bean or Gemline. The size and cost were discussed. We may need up to 900 gifts. The discussion quickly turned to sponsorship. The chapter is attempting to find one sponsor for the 900 gifts and a few possibilities were discussed. Greg Klemmer and Chuck Reilly volunteered to vet out some possibilities for the next convention meeting. There was a discussion to maybe find a smaller sponsor for a smaller gift that could fit in the backpack.

2. The chapter is responsible for a Welcome letter. It was discussed if the letter should come from the Chapter President or perhaps the Mayor of Boston. We need to draft some ideas for the letter.

3. The chapter is responsible for break-out sessions and possible speakers. The committee discussed some possibilities including Joe Fallon, Brian Golden, Devon Quirk, Steve Weikal from MIT, etc. Rob Nahigian will further discuss with SIOR National.

4. The chapter will have a Host Table and we will create a spreadsheet for 2 days of volunteers to man the table.

5. The chapter is also working on hosting dine arounds. There are eight restaurants that we can propose. It’s a one night event during the convention. We would limit the sign-ups to 20 people. At each restaurant, an SIOR Chapter member would volunteer to host one restaurant. We discussed the possibility of having sponsors from Boston for each dine-around. We are considering food types such as seafood, steaks and Italian north end. We may have ubers and local walking distance restaurants.

6. Finally, the Chapter is responsible for local social touring events. A number of proposals will be researched such as: Duck Tours, Fenway Park Tour, Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Gardner Museum, Harbor Cruise, a Boston Garden game event Bruins or Celtics, Olde Towne Trolley tour, etc. These ideas will be further discussed at the next meeting.

The convention committee scheduled its next meeting in April while its members further discuss with SIOR staff on the next course of action.


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