Greg Klemmer started his new role as Chapter President reaching out to Chapter members to gather information on the type of programs and events that members wanted to experience that added-value to membership. He sent out a broad-based email in November stating that he wanted to increase the relevance of the Chapter and that relevancy started with having an engaged membership. He stated that if he didn’t hear from members then he would make the effort to contact members.

Greg asked, “All we want to hear is why do you keep your SIOR designation? “Why be an SIOR and how can we, the Chapter, make the experience better for you? What would you like to see that we aren’t doing? What are we doing right? Wrong? Any feedback will help. And, again, this is all about making your Chapter experience better. We got some good feedback during our Zoom cocktail and we’d like to hear from the rest of the members.”

While you ponder this, Greg said, last month we had a Zoom panel discussing how to manage the cost of complicated TI deals. The chapter had a great Zoom cocktail party. Coming in a couple weeks is another Zoom on the intricacies of the Pot Growing business and how it is affecting commercial RE. That will be followed in early January by a panel of architects and what is happening in a post-Covid world. He wanted to use the feedback to assist in planning 2021.

If you would like your opinion to be heard, please email Greg or Loreen.

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