Panel Discussion: Avoid the horrors of deals gone bad due to costs not meeting estimate expectations

Does a broker tell his client to spend money up front detailing needs before negotiating a “deal”, or do you get close to a deal then spend money figuring out true costs? This is a timeworn problem for brokers consulting with their clients. We’ve all heard the horror stories of deals gone bad because costs came in higher than estimated.

Dacon, Paradigm, and Boston Industrial Consulting will provide three different perspectives on the proper way to navigate complicated improvements: whether a renovation or ground up construction. They will share their views on this important topic as many of us see a wave of cGMP, clean tech, high tech conversions and construction. Make sure to tune in to learn how to not waste time, lose a deal and/or your reputation.

Moderator: Greg Klemmer, SIOR Chapter President

Landlord: Kevin Mccall, Paradigm Properties

Contractor: Kevin Quinn & Chuck Reilly, Dacon Corp

Project Manager: Bob Liptrot, Boston Industrial Consulting

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