Because of CV19, the Chapter held a virtual cocktail gathering on November 5, 2020. A number of chapter members from Maine, NH, MA and RI attended and discussed how CV19 has impacted the commercial real estate industry and transactions. Greg Klemmer, new in-coming Chapter President facilitated the event named “SIOR NE Member Cocktails and Happy Hour.” The event was held from 4pm to 5pm. At the time, RI and MA were in quarantine and RI was issuing fines for punitive violations. There were discussions about professional athletes that were contracting CV19 in the NFL and in professional golf such as Dustin Johnson. The Masters was only a couple of weeks away and there was a question of his involvement. There was also discussions about the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays and how people would navigate family gatherings. Rhode Island at the time was spiking with new Covid cases. Maine was reported by members as being in pretty good shape but the last two weeks there was a spike.

Greg Klemmer, Chapter President, announced that the Chapter Board of Directors had just met prior to the cocktail gathering and he wanted to survey the chapter members to collect general feedback on what Chapter members wanted for value from SIOR. He wanted to schedule his 2021 events that added-value to chapter members. The Board had discussed and planned the 2021 events but he wanted to hear the thoughts from Chapter members.

There was also a discussion about continuing the use of Zoom in future months even if a vaccine has been created. The members who are an hour or more away from Boston found the use of Zoom as a way to keep members involved with chapter events and a way to attend. There was also a discussion of potential programs and topics as well as potential speakers that will attract a bigger SIOR member attendance. Some of the topics include MA CE credit related topics, highest and best use, Cannabis real estate transactions, how to perform due diligence as a broker and evaluation the risk in tenant financial statements.

The event was about an hour and it was nice to see other members.

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